New England Precision (NEP) is a medium sized manufacturing company specializing in precision metal stamping.They use an in-house built enterprise resource planning system (ERP) developed over 20+ years, originally built in MS Access. The system works exactly the way they do, and has allowed them to grow significantly without needing to expand their administrative staff.


What we did

When RIS was contacted by NEP in 2013, their ERP system had outgrown its database technology and the original developer was nearing retirement. Previous attempts by another software development company to migrate the system to a new database had failed.

NEP hired RIS to migrate the underlying database to SQL Server from MS Access and provide ongoing support and development as their current developer began his transition to retirement.


How we did it

Our dedicated developer focused first on the migration. He worked with the original developer to understand the system and how the employees in each department used it in their day-to-day operations. By working carefully with current developer, NEP employees, and NEP’s network support company, he accomplished the migration to the new platform with zero down time.

With the migration accomplished, the focus shifted to system adjustments and new capabilities. NEP’s operations-focused culture meant that a continuous stream of work with small incremental releases was preferred over larger projects with major releases. Based on that preference, our developer worked closely with the original developer on system design and the employees in each department on the functionality needed for their day-to-day operations. He continues to work with them to identify their priorities for changes and enhancements.

Recently, NEP brought on a new multi-national client, which required improved system security and traceability throughout the manufacturing process. RIS worked closely with NEP to design and implement the necessary changes as NEP worked with their new customer to identify and refine their requirements.


What it meant for them

As a result of partnering with RIS, NEP has continued to build on their investment in their ERP system and kept their overhead costs low. They have the flexibility to adjust their system to meet the needs of new, larger, and more sophisticated customers and the comfort of knowing that they have a long-term focused development partner positioned to serve their needs for years to come.



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